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Recruiting Info
Access Main Frame
As caretaker of the Main Frame System -- powered by N.O.V.U.S. -- I, 3-4D Protocol Droid (Administrative Series), have been given full authorization to terminate all users who attempt to access the Main Frame without valid identification pass codes. Provide the pass code when prompted or step away from the terminal. User is provided 30 seconds to decide. Now arming turrets. User may begin.

User ID: _____________
Pass Code: ___________



To join the guild:

Read the N.O.V.U.S. Information Brochure
Apply on the Main Frame (forums)
Contact "Moriarty" (Cpt. Al Moriarty) or "Marcail" (Cpt. Marc Shepherd), in game for an interview
Administrative Notifications

Main Frame System Update 1.0: Attempt 63

Administrative Droid, Dec 13, 11 12:53 PM.
<Main Frame System Update 1.0: Attempt 63>

<!!ALERT!! Drivers Needed!>
<System Notice: Drivers found!>

“Alright… Drivers?”

<!!ALERT!! Software Needed!>
<System Notice: Software found!>

“Um.. Check.”

<!!ALERT!! RAM Insufficient!>
<System Notice: RAM sufficient!>

“How does the RAM look, Marc?”
“Good enough for now. We could always use more.”
“Ain’t that the truth.”

<System Notice: System Coolant levels stabilising!>

“Oh. Well. Good. Did you put coolant in, Marc?”
“No. I thought you did.”
“Uh… Yeah, sure.”

<Initialising Main Frame Update 1.0>

“Hell yeah. That’s Novus 62; Marc and Al 1.”
“Boy…what a come back…”

<Session Terminated>

Main Frame Update 1.0

Al_Moriarty, Oct 2, 11 12:34 PM.
<Main Frame System Update 1.0>

<!!ALERT!! Drivers Needed!>
<!!ALERT!! Software Needed!>
<!!ALERT!! RAM Insufficient!>

"Hm. Well. It's running at least."
"Yeah. I guess that's something. Just don't touch it."
"I'm not touching it, Marc."

<!!ALERT!! Medical Bay Server Reaching Critical Mass!>
<!!ALERT!! System Low on Coolant!>

"Yeah, that's not good. Al, did you pick up any coolant?"

<!!ALERT!! System Reaching Max Temperature!>
<!!ALERT!! Core Fuses Nearing Meltdown!>

"So that means 'no'."

<!!WARNING!! Evacuation Suggested!>

"Evacuate? It's a damn computer terminal. What the hell."
"Just...turn it off, Al."
"Turn it off? I'm ready to rip it out of the console. Mother f--"

<Session Terminated>

Main Frame System Unstable!

Administrative Droid, Sep 19, 11 2:01 AM.
<The Main Frame is now live.>

"...not going to celebrate this time if it does turn on."
"Ok, step one: it's on. Al, pass me that wrench."
"Ah, here come the sirens..."

<!!WARNING!!: Low energy reserves!>
<!!WARNING!!: Insufficient Power Source!>
<!!WARNING!!: 25% Below Lowest Usable Capacity!>

<!!WARNING!!: Explosion in Medical Bay Imminent!>

"I GET THE POINT, MAIN FRAME. Jeeze.. Why the hell are we even bothering?"
"I know. Just turn it off, Marc. I need a drink."
"I need several."
"It'd be easier to just join the Empire and screw this whole thing..."

<Session Terminated>

Alert! Main Frame System at 50% Capacity!

Administrative Droid, Aug 31, 11 5:08 AM.
"...and he says, 'That's funny, I dreamed I was skiing!' Ahaha!"
"Jeeze Al.. That's real classy. Hey! Look! It's up!"

<ALERT! Main Frame System At 50% Capacity! Alert!>

"Hot damn! Good work, Marc. I'll take over from here."
"Ooh no you won't. You crashed the whole thing for three weeks last time."
"It was only two we--"

<ALERT! Main Frame System At 10% Capacity! Alert!>

"Damn it.. There it goes Al. Nice job. Really excellent."
"Whoa hey, I didn't even touch it that time! HEY! Don't just-- where are you going it's goin--"

<Session Terminated>

Main Frame System Critical!

Administrative Droid, Aug 18, 11 10:36 PM.
<Main Frame System Critical! User Error! User Error!>

"Al.. That's not the right cord."
"No no no, it is. This damned machine just doesn't know it yet."

<User Error! User Error! User Error! User Error!>

"Yeah, well.. If you fry it again--"
"Damn it, Marc, I told you! It was just a power surge! I didn't do jack sh--"

<User Error! User Error! Core meltdown imminent!>

"Son of a... Al! It's crashing! You idiot! Why didn't you just read the manual?!"
"I am going to rip out this console and beat you to death with it, so help me!"

<Session Terminated>
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